Maarten Graveland

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Maarten Graveland works as a technical consultant at Pondera. Since 2006 he has been working professionally in the area of energy efficiency and renewable energy. But thinking back, it has been his way of thinking for as long as he can remember. His quest for energy efficiency is visible in his projects on monitoring, analysis and visualization of energy flows and systems. And more practical; he uses his knowledge and skills to renovate his residence towards a comfortable and energy efficient home. Trying to reduce and reuse, he is also fond of fixing stuff, ranging from Barbies to boat engines.

As of 2018, Maarten works at Pondera, in particular on wind measurement campaigns for future wind farms. Also including the practical side of things, proceeding with installing lidars, 75+ total by now.

Education, training and previous employers

Maarten studied mechanical engineering in the field of control techniques. He has a wide range of practical working experience in the fields of installation, innovation, production, quality control and electro-mechanics. For almost a year, he worked as a capacity builder and product developer at AIDG in Guatemala, developing, improving and implementing solar water heaters and biogas systems (pro Deo). Wanting to continue in the Renewable Energy field, he joined Ecofys as project manager of wind measurement campaigns or verifications (LiDAR, SoDAR or met mast based), energy efficiency and product development (solar thermal, solar PV, heat recovery, biogas, built environment). Moreover, as site manager of Wind Test Site Lelystad, Maarten liaised between turbine manufacturers and land owners.

Relevant recent projects

LiDAR Pottendijk

Client: Eneco Wind B.V.More about LiDAR Pottendijk

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