About us

A careful balance between energy demand and environment

Our climate

The essence of climate change is that through human activity the concentration of greenhouse gases is increasing. This leads to a rise in sea level, flooding of rivers, and a worldwide disruption in water and food supplies. Moreover, due to our increasing demand for energy, we will exhaust finite raw materials such as oil and gas in the next few decades. We are thus faced with the huge challenge of limiting the effects of climate change while providing affordable renewable energy to a growing population. In this, new types of energy sources (wind, solar, biomass), the necessary infrastructure and forms of storage (electricity, water and hydrogen) will play a crucial role.

Our role

Pondera South East Asia was established in order to contribute to renewable solutions for energy, climate and environmental issues. Our specialists work with our clients to identify and to realize renewable energy projects such as wind, solar and infrastructure. Pondera South East Asia has extensive experience in the planning and development of small & large onshore and offshore wind energy projects. In total we have brought more than 6 GW of wind- and solar power through the consenting process,  1 GW of which has been installed.

Our services

We operate as consultant. See for our services the chart on the this page. With our European experience and our high qualified people in Indonesia we are also the right team to develop new sustainable projects in South East Asia.

Our key values

  • Commitment to our clients’ interests
  • Creative in finding solutions
  • High-quality service provision
  • A lasting relationship with our clients in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere