Indonesian members of parliament visit Holland

On June 27th 2019, a delegation of the Indonesian members of parliament lead by Dr. Agus Hermanto (Deputy Speaker of The House of Representatives), visited the Noordoostpolder Wind Farm in the Dutch province of Flevoland. The aim of the delegation’s two-day visit was to acquire knowledge on Dutch policy and incentives concerning wind energy.

Indonesia’s Embassy in The Hague asked Pondera Consult to organize the field visit and to discuss wind energy developments. Pondera Consult was further approached due to their close involvement in the development of the Noordoostpolder Wind Farm, one of the largest onshore wind energy projects in the Netherlands.

During the visit, Pondera’s Eric Arends, Ester Bierens and Brent Elemans warmly welcomed the delegation to the 11 BEAUFORT Visitor Centre, where an interactive presentation was given by Eric Arends on the development of the Noordoostpolder Wind Farm. Some of the key points discussed with the Indonesian delegation were the Dutch energy policy, stimulation of energy initiatives through subsidies, local participation and ecological conservation. Also the potential of wind energy in Indonesia and the involvement of Pondera in current Indonesian projects were mentioned. The visit was rounded off with a site tour by the delegation to get first-hand experience of the size and number of wind turbines of the Noordoostpolder Wind Farm.