World premiere of the new life size photovisual screen by Pondera Consult

Today most spatial developments, from new industrial areas to wind farms,  use photo or video visuals to show the future situation to the public. Using 3D rendering software and Photoshop, a photo or video of the current situation is edited and the new building(s) incorporated in the landscape. Until now, the results were usually shown to the public on paper prints or computer screens. This has several disadvantages however. Main concern is that it does not represent the feeling or experience one will have when actually standing at a certain location looking at the new wind farm for example. Additionally, when using a large field of view, optical distortion appears in the image. This is mainly because the screens and prints are too small and the viewing distance and angle is not correct.

To solve these issues Pondera Consult has developed a unique ‘life size visual screen’. This curved screen with a size of 6×2,2 meters and a 140 degree curve, is able to show photos and videos in full size. The curve and the large opening angle provide the viewer the opportunity to experience the location and new situation. Also the curve prevents optical distortion, which would otherwise be present using these large field of view.

On June 25, we have tested the screen for the first time during an information meeting for Wind Farm Fryslân, a 400 MW near shore wind farm in Lake IJssel.


The life size visual screen is not only suitable for wind energy visuals, but can also be used for other projects such as wind farm design sessions or the presentation of 3D models.

Pondera Consult launches new UK branch

Pondera Consult takes the step to the UK en launches “Pondera UK” during the Renewable UK Offshore Wind Convention 2013 on June the 13th 2013. With former SSE Asset manager Arno Verbeek, we will provide our services in the UK, next to the Benelux. Our ambition is to gain a position in the UK wind energy market out of our firm offshore knowledge in the Netherlands.


You can reach Pondera UK through:

+44 7824 1659 42


Pondera opens new office and the ‘Pondera Perspective’ on 16% renewable energy

On January 17th Pondera Consult opened their new office in Zeist. A lot of business relations celebrated this memorable moment. After a short tour in the new building the ‘Pondera Perspective’ on the Dutch renewable energy goals (16% in 2020) was presented to the guests in grand café Le Baron. The presentation sketched the possibilities for meeting the goal of the government Rutte II to produce 16% renewable energy in 2020. The answer of Pondera Consult is North Sea Nearshore Wind.

pand voorzijde

No more ban on wind farms near shore

The development of wind energy farms in shallow water near shore is not a taboo anymore. To reach the tightened ambition for renewable energy, the political party  PvdA pleads for urgent study of the possibilities of nearshore wind energy. This according to the newspaper NRC.

After the construction of OWEZ offshore-wind park at 10 kilometre of Egmond aan Zee the development of wind farms in the 12-mile zone was prohibited. The political party PvdA suggests to investigate the possibilities of wind energy in this 12-mile zone. Pondera Consult proposes to indicate 3 areas for the Dutch coast for nearshore wind energy. One does agree this is an sensitive area, but the ban seems to be broken.