Pondera to support Siemens with Permit Management

Pondera Consult has been asked by Siemens to provide permit management services for the installation of the offshore wind turbines at the Noordoostpolder wind farm.

Siemens is currently constructing the 48 wind turbines in the IJsselmeer lake. Pondera Consult’s role is to support Siemens with permit-technical issues and compliancy requirements.

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Borssele Offshore Wind Area First To Be Assessed Under New Environmental Framework

The Dutch EIA Commission has confirmed that the approach used by Pondera Consult and Grontmij, to investigate the environmental impact of the offshore wind energy area “Borssele”, is clear and relevant.
The Commission advises on the content and quality of environmental reports. The competent authority, in this case the Minister of Economic Affairs, shall have the final decision on the project.

The new legislative proposal on Offshore Wind Energy introduces the so-called “lot decision”. The “lot decision” determines where and under what conditions an offshore wind farm can be built. At a later stage, a price tender will determine which party gets the approval to build the offshore wind farm.
The environmental consequences of the lot decision are examined in an environmental impact statement. The Commission finds that the proposed research approach in the Pondera Consult and Grontmij report is clear and relevant.

The Commission advises that the report should clearly describe measures to minimize negative effects on nature and marine safety. With this information, the Minister can make a well-reasoned decision.
The Commission’s previous opinions on offshore wind energy stressed the importance of proper environmental information due to the great environmental value in and around the North Sea.

Dealing with this is complex and there is still much uncertainty. Therefore, the Dutch Government are currently developing the so-called “Ecology and Accumulation Framework “. The environmental impact of the Borssele area will be the first to be assessed under this new framework.


Pondera/Arcadis prepare the first Dutch offshore grid connection

Pondera Consult and Arcadis consortium given the go-ahead to prepare EIA and permit application for the first Dutch offshore grid connection.

Pondera Consult, together with Arcadis, has been asked by TenneT to support the entire EIA process for the offshore grid connection of offshore wind farms located in the wind development area “Borssele”.
The Ministry of Economic Affairs decided in 2014 that wind development area “Borssele” would be the first area to be developed with TenneT (TSO) being responsible for the grid connection of offshore wind farms in the Dutch sector of the North Sea.

The EIA scope will cover two offshore substations, four 220kV export cables and the onshore grid connection. The preparation and submission of the required documents, such as the EIA, supporting documents and the permit application, will contribute towards the final decision making process. Additionally, Pondera Consult and Arcadis will provide strategic advice on the permitting process and stakeholder management services.
“A clever solution to connect a cluster of offshore wind farms to the Dutch electricity grid is an important step towards bringing down the costs of offshore wind energy”, according to Hans Rijntalder, Director of Pondera Consult and founding partner of Wind Minds. “We expect that our combined experience and knowledge of environmental regulations regarding offshore EIA’s will be of added value to TenneT in this process.”


Concept Scoping Report Borssele for public consultation

On 24 October 2014, the Concept Scoping Report for ‘Kavelbesluiten Borssele’ was published for public consultation. This concept scoping report has been prepared by Pondera Consult and Grontmij and describes what the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) will examine. The objective of the EIA is to accurately describe the environmental impact of the construction of offshore wind turbines in two lots within the preferred wind development area “Borssele”, an area 12 nautical miles off the coast of the province of Zeeland.

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Construction of 4 wind turbines to start at Heineken brewery

Pondera Consult prepared the Environmental Impact Assessment and managed the permit application process for the installation of four wind turbines, with a combined installed capacity of 12 MW, at the Heineken brewery in Zoeterwoude. Once operational, the wind turbines will provide up to 40% of the brewery’s energy demand.

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New partnership for international offshore wind farms

Dutch-German Company Wind Minds joins trade mission to Japan and Korea

THE NETHERLANDS / GERMANY – Four Dutch and German consultancies in the field of offshore renewable energy have teamed up and established a new international consultancy company Wind Minds with the objective to combine all their expertise and experience in developing and building new offshore wind farms in North West Europe, America and Asia.

One of their first targets are Japan and Korea, countries being visited when Wind Minds joins the trade mission of Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs Henk Kamp, between October 27th and November 4th. This mission accompanies King Willem Alexander and Queen Maxima during their state visit to both countries.

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The four companies combined employ over 100 specialist with over 15 years of experience and were directly involved in over 40 offshore wind projects in Northwest Europe, the US, Canada and Asia. Together they have expert knowledge which covers all phases of a wind farm life cycle. From feasibility studies to development and construction management to technical due diligence. “With Wind Minds we have created a one stop shop for developers, investors, governments and utility companies. Our focus is to be a pro-active partner for our clients, providing them with independent consultancy in all disciplines related to offshore wind power” says Arno Verbeek of Pondera Consult. Other participating companies are MECAL Independent eXperts, Ep4 Offshore, and BBB Umwelttechnik GmbH.

According to Wind Minds the European energy future is being shaped by offshore wind farms. North West Europe offers excellent opportunities for offshore wind power. ,”Offshore wind energy is the fastest growing energy sector in Europe,” says Verbeek. “At this moment sixteen new offshore wind farms are being built, producing nearly 5 Gigawatts of sustainable power when constructed. Europe now has 73 offshore wind farms in 11 countries, with a combined capacity of 7.5 Gigawatts.

Wind Minds will use this trade mission to further promote their offshore wind expertise in Japan and Korea. Verbeek: “We are already based in Asia which allows us to closely support the development and construction of offshore wind farms in this region. Similarly, because of our North-European background we can support Asian companies in obtaining a market share in Europe.”

More information at www.windminds.com

For further information please contact Arno Verbeek of Wind Minds. Tel: 0044-7824165942, e-mail: a.verbeek@windminds.com.

National Cultural Heritage Institute seminar

To achieve the ambitious Dutch national renewable energy targets, a substantial increase of installed onshore wind energy is required over the next few years. Inevitably, wind energy will also appear near cultural heritage sites. The potential tension, but also the opportunities that arise from this combination was discussed at an interactive platform discussion organized by the National Cultural Heritage Institute (RCE) on October 8th.

Pondera Consult was invited by the RCE to present on the relation between wind energy and protected cultural heritage sites and, more specifically, historic cityscapes. Since this relation and possible effects are primarily visual, good imagery is crucial. Therefore our unique live size visualization screen was utilized to enhance the presentation and discussion.


Final permit issued for wind farm Nieuwe Waterweg

The municipality of Rotterdam issued the final permit for wind farm Nieuwe Waterweg in Hoek van Holland The Netherlands

This project consists of 8 wind turbines, projected parallel to the Nieuwe Waterweg channel near the famous Maeslantkering. The eight wind turbines will produce enough electricity to power 30.000 houses in the area and are an important step in the renewable energy targets set by the municipality of Rotterdam and province of Zuid Holland.

Pondera Consult wrote the EIA and spatial plan for this project and is still involved as project advisor for the wind farm developer.

Visualisatie Windpark Nieuwe Waterweg uitkijkpunt Maeslantkering

Permit applications submitted for Wind farm Wieringermeer

On the 9th of September, seven permit applications were submitted for constructing Wind farm Wieringermeer at the municipality of Hollands Kroon. The wind farm, located in the Wieringermeer polder, will consists of 102 wind turbines which will replace individual wind turbines in this area. The wind farm was initiated by Nuon, ECN and Wind collective Wieringermeer, a local collective of farmers and wind-turbine owners.

Pondera Consult prepared the environmental impact assessment and managed the permit application process.

The draft permits will be up for public consultation by the end of this year.