On a wind mission to Taiwan

Pondera Consult recently joined 11 other leading Dutch companies and institutes on a business development mission to Taiwan. The trip was organized by Holland Home of Wind Energy (HHWE), an independent exporters association which Pondera joined recently.

Why Taiwan?
Opportunities seem to be promising, especially in offshore wind. Taiwan launched a grant scheme to support construction of the island’s first offshore wind farms in December 2012. The initiative – lead by the Taiwan Bureau of Energy – is designed to help the country reach its goal of installing 600 MW of offshore wind capacity by 2020 and 3 GW by 2030.

Recently grants have been awarded to three developers, with each required to deliver a two-turbine pilot project by 2015 and a 100-200MW offshore wind farm by 2020.

Offshore wind energy seminar
One of the highlights of the trip was the offshore wind energy technology and large scale integration seminar with over 140 Taiwanese attendees.

The Dutch offshore wind experts showed their strengths in consultancy, environmental impact studies, marine technology, offshore technology and civil engineering and the consortium addressed the imminent needs of Taiwan in its ambition to install over 3 GW in offshore wind power in the coming decade.
In addition, Pondera Consult had constructive meetings with the three offshore wind developers, Formosa Power Cooperation, Taiwan Generations Corp (Fu-Hai) and Taiwan Power.


The Dutch delegation at the offshore wind energy technology and large scale integration seminar – Taipei City


Taipei 101 – World’s 2nd tallest skyscraper