Pondera Consult supports public campaign: ‘turbines also turn for you’

The “Turbines also turn for you” campaign was launched this weekend. This campaign highlights the importance of wind energy for the creation of a more sustainable country.

Website, radio commercials, bus shelters and billboards
The interesting thing about this campaign is that a large number of energy parties will come together over the next few months to really promote wind energy. Pondera and other partners, in collaboration with the Foundation for Nature & Environment and NWEA, will answer the most important questions about wind energy via short animations on the following website: www.windvoorjou.nl. In addition to the website, we will also launch 20 second commercials on the radio as well as focussing on wind energy in bus shelters and on billboards. The weekend of 14 & 15 June will be Open Wind Days. People will be able to visit wind turbines.