Life size visualisation screen

Life size visualisation screen- It’s all about the image

Visualisations are required for almost every spatial development, from industrial or urban developments to wind farms. They are usually presented to the public aspaper prints or using a computer screen. However, the main problem with many photo visualisations is that they fail to incorporate two important aspects of human (visual) experience of the outside world. Firstly, we relate what we see, to what we know from previous experience. In other words: objects we know to be large in the real world, should also be experienced as large in a photo. When this is not the case, we refuse to believe the picture is accurate. Secondly, we tend to focus on the actual wind turbines location when preparing visualisations of the project. Although this sounds reasonable, this does not take the human eye, and the way we experience the outside world, into account.

Experience how a future wind farm will look

Pondera Consult has developed an innovative visualisation screen which allows the viewer to experience how a future wind farm will look in the landscape from many viewpoints. By using a large (6×2.5 meters) curved screen, the panoramic images can be viewed in the correct perspective. The size of the screen also solves the ‘scale issue’: large objects appear large again, without the uncomfortable viewing distance necessary to achieve this on printed images.

Visualisatiescherm Eric

The real life visualisation set-up is interactive. Using a tablet the viewer can select a large number of  locations and view the panoramic image, thereby providing a full experience of the surrounding scenery.

Visualisatiescherm hand

Visualisatiescherm 2

Given that every project phase requires different information, we have developed a wide range of tools. In a location or feasibility study, a few concise visualisations can be enough. For a landscape study or EIA more is needed. We can produce a more elaborate study with viewsheds, video visualisations,  the real life set up  or even a 3D model.

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Wind farm Westermeerwind

The Netherlands’ largest near shore wind power plant Westermeerwind is to be erected in lake IJssel along the dikes of the Dutch municipality of Noordoostpolder. The 48 Siemens wind turbines will supply approximately 160,000 Dutch homes with climate-friendly electric power. The project will thereby significantly contribute to the Netherlands reaching their climate-protection targets.

Pondera Consult/Wind Minds was involved in the project from its early development stage (from 2003) and was responsible for the Environmental Impact Assessment, all required permits and stakeholder management. Currently we are undertaking permitmanagement during the constructionphase.

For more information about the Westermeerwind Wind farm, click at the instruction movie.