Turbine construction started at wind farm Westermeerwind (NL)

On the 19th of august, the wind turbine construction started at the Dutch near shore wind farm Westermeerwind. The first tower sections are being installed on the foundations which were installed earlier this year.

The towers are transported from Amsterdam harbour, crossing the IJsselmeer to the project area near the Noordoostpolder. Once the transport arrives at the site the towers are installed on the foundations by Van Oord/Mammoet. First the lower tower section is placed onto the foundation. On top of that, the second tower section is installed. Over the coming weeks this process will be repeated 48 times.

In September, the installation of the nacelles will start. The nacelles are also transported from Amsterdam. The last step in the construction process is the placement of the rotors. These will be pre-assembled in Oude Zeug (near Medemblik) and transported across the IJsselmeer to the project area, where they will be lifted from the ship and installed on the nacelles.

The first electricity from the wind farm is expected at the end of autumn this year. The entire windfarm is expected to be fully installed by February 2016.

As the consultant for wind farm Noordoostpolder (Windfarm Westermeerwind is part of Windfarm Noordoostpolder) Pondera Consult prepared the EIA and permit applications and assisted with the formal procedures. Pondera Consult also assists Siemens with the permit management for wind farm Westermeerwind.

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Pondera Consult to assist the province of Zuid Holland with wind development EIA

The province of Zuid Holland will be preparing an EIA with the purpose of identifying alternative locations for wind energy development within the Rotterdam region in order to achieve the previously agreed target of 150 MW.

The suitable alternative locations will be incorporated by in the revised “Vision Space and Mobility” document by the Provincial Council, which is required step in the planning process.
Pondera Consult has been selected to assist the province with the preparation this EIA. More information (Dutch only) can be found at http://www.zuid-holland.nl/actueel/nieuws/@11245/windturbines/.