Plans wind farm De Veenwieken are irrevocable

The Council of State declared the appeals against the zoning plan, integration plan and environmental permist for wind farm De Veenwieken, with 10 wind turbines south of Demensvaart, unfounded. This means that the plans have become irrevocable and the (preparation of the) construction can start.

Pondera Consult wrote the EIA, the zoning plan, the integration plan and carried out technical studies. In addition, Pondera Consult supported the initiators during the planning and permit procedure, as well as in view and appeal procedures, for this project.

Pondera Consult congratulates the initiators and the authorities with this beautiful milestone.

Administrative Jurisdiction Division approves WFSD Hollandse Kust (zuid)

The Administrative Jurisdiction Division of the Council of State issued a positive judgement on the Wind Farm Site Desicions (WFSD) for sites I and II of the Hollandse Kust (zuid) wind energy area. In it’s judgement, the division regularly refers to the Environmental Impact Report (EIA), which was drawn up by Pondera Consult. IN particular, it concerns the visibility analysis, ecological effects and effects on the fishing sector.

For the wind energy area of Hollandse Kust (zuid), Pondera consult is working together with Aveco de Bondt on the EIA, Appropriate Assessment and a list of species for the Flora and Fauna Act on behalf of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management (Rijkswaterstaat). The documents have been drawn up for taking the Wind Farm Site Decisions (WFSD) for the third issue round of offshore wind energy. Specific attention has been paid to ecology (birds, bats, underwater life), experience (view from the beach), shipping safety and the effect on other user functions. Sufficient freedom of choice for the completion of the sites by a future initiator is of great importance. Effects are therefor determined on the basis of a range of options within the sites that are yet to be developed. Form an environmental point of view, the bandwith has been further delimited, so that no disproportionate environmental effects can occur.

The full statement of the Administrative Jurisdiction Division can be found via the following link:

Hollandse Kust (zuid)

European wind sector growing but not yet matured

The wind energy sector is now a mature sector. A first look at the exhibition floor of the WindEurope Conference & Exhibition 2017 seems to confirm this picture. With more than 8000 people and 300 stands, Amsterdam RAI is well stocked. However, the sector is not yet mature for the time being. Wind turbines are still growing, measuring systems more accurate and new solutions to existing problems are being developed and tested.

A selection of some of the developments that were presented at the fair:

  • During a plenary session, Windeurope asked the EU to increase the energy target for 2030 from 27 to 30 percent. This would enable Europe to maintain its leadership role in the sector and stable growth in employment. Chairman Ivor Catto indicated that only eight of the 28 EU member states have renewable energy targets after 2020. In 2016, the wind industry contributed 36 billion euros and more than 262,000 jobs to the European economy.
  • Lagerwey presented the arrival of the L147 and the L158, the two newest and highest turbine models. More technical details will follow in the spring of 2018. In addition, the Dutch wind turbine builder and the Russian Rosatom united in the joint venture Red Wind for the sale and supply of turnkey wind turbines. The joint venture will supply 1 GW of wind energy, with Lagerwey’s share of knowledge transfer and training for the construction and operation of wind turbines. Lagerwey also supplies the components for the first 60 wind turbines for two Russian wind farms that are currently under construction.
  • Siemens Gamesa announced its plans for the SG-8.0-167 DD, an offshore turbine with a rotor diameter of 167 meters and a nominal capacity of 8 MW. Siemens Gamesa expects to be able to market this turbine in 2020.
  • Pondera signed a contract with Zephir Lidar for the purchase of a Lidar, with which Pondera will carry out its first measurement campaign. With these measurements, energy yield studies can be carried out more accurately.

WindEurope exhibition 2017

WindEurope exhibition 2017