Renewable hybrid energy systems tourism industry

There is a high demand for affordable and reliable energy in the Indonesian tourism industry. The increase in energy price, the unreliable electricity supply and the trend towards sustainable tourism call for urgent action.

Tourists are increasingly aware of the impact their holidays have on the environment and are taking this issue more into account when booking their holidays. Yet, they wish to keep the high level of comfort they desire and are used to. At the same time, hotel and resort owners and managers are confronted with the increasing impact of energy consumption on their business profitability as well as on the image of their hotels. This is why affordable, reliable and sustainable energy is of great interest for large holiday resorts and hotels, as their electricity consumption is high and not easily reduced.

Pondera South East Asia can help businesses to resolve these problems. We have extensive technical knowledge to design sustainable and reliable energy production systems. We can design and calculate both on-grid and off-grid solutions consisting of several renewable energy production systems (mainly wind and sun) which eventually, combined with battery storage systems, form a reliable hybrid system with high availability of sustainable energy.

Various calculations of business cases carried out by Pondera South East Asia show that a hybrid sustainable energy supply can be a cost effective alternative to the current energy supply for large resorts and hotels in remote areas. In some cases, a sustainable energy system is more cost effective than the existing electricity supply. This of course depends on a large number of factors, such as the amount of sun-hours, wind speeds, current electricity prices and the availability of suitable space for renewable energy systems.

Pondera can calculate your business case for increasing the sustainability of the energy supply of your company with hybrid (renewable) energy systems. A quick analysis of your business case is always free of charge, without any obligation. The result of this first analysis will be an overview of your current and future costs for energy. If the quick scan shows high potential for a sustainable solution for your energy supply, Pondera can also assist you in all steps necessary to realize the sustainable energy supply for your company.

Consortium will support by conducting WRA HKN

A consortium consisting of Oldbaum Services, Pondera Consult, Whiffle and Deltares will support the Netherlands Enterprise Agency ( by conducting a Wind Resource Assessment (WRA) for Wind Farm Zone Hollandse Kust (noord) (HKN). The quartet was awarded the contract, among others due to extensive prior experience both in Dutch and European offshore wind projects.

Uncertainty reduction

The WRA – a desk study on the wind climate in the area of future Wind Farm Zone HKN – is used as input for the modelling of wind farms and/or estimating the future energy production of a wind farm. The approach of the study has the goal of reducing the uncertainties in this wind energy project, which might lead to a reduction of costs.

Hollandse Kust (noord) zone, next to existing wind farms

In order to achieve the most accurate results possible, the consortium will use the latest, state-of-the-art measurements techniques and models. Data from metmasts and (floating) LiDARs (laser-based wind measurement devices) will be combined with already existing data from KNMI/Rijkswaterstaat monitoring stations. This allows the wind climate to be determined and verified.

1 million households

The Dutch government wants to achieve a 14% renewable energy share in 2020, growing to 16% in 2023. Wind energy is an important renewable energy source in the Netherlands.

Wind Farm Hollandse Kust (noord) Wind Farm Zone is one of the offshore Wind Farm Zones designated by the Dutch government, with a total power output of 700 MW. This Wind Farm Zone will be located 18.5 kilometres off the coast and will provide power to 1 million Dutch households. This Wind Farm Zone is one of the six new offshore Wind Farm Zones which will be developed in the Netherlands.

For more information, please contact:

Erik Holtslag (Pondera Consult)

Eric Arends (Pondera Consult)

Demand for wind measurement services quickly increasing

The demand for wind measurement services is increasing due to the growth and maturing of the wind energy market. Accurate wind resource assessments help in determining the right locations for wind turbines. Extensive knowledge of the local wind climate allows for a more precise wind farm layout design which is reflected in the final energy production. Wind resource assessments are also demanded by investors and wind energy financiers. The reduction of the uncertainty of energy yield estimations allows banks to finance wind energy projects on more favourable terms.

Next week, our wind measurement team will start 2 new wind measurement campaigns:

  • Wind Farm Pottendijk, where Pondera has also provided the Environmental Impact Assessment and permits;
  • Energy Park Daarle, where Pondera is also responsible for feasibility studies, permit applications, stakeholder management and project communication.

We are currently looking for new colleagues to expand our wind measurement team. If you are interested, here is a link to one of our job vacancies.