Energy yield

In addition to bankable Wind Reports, as required for every wind energy project, Pondera Consult provides further graded levels of investigations of the wind regime at offshore sites or within a defined offshore site area. We provide a clear indication about the viability of a project already in the course of a feasibility study. Generally we differentiate between:

  1. Bankable Energy Yield Asessments;
  2. Site Specific Energy Yield Estimations;
  3. Wind Resource Maps (Spatial Representation of Wind Potential).

In all cases a digital model of the site is created by means of digital data. The model is validated by existing data about the local wind conditions and is then subject to further calculations. As those are built on a modular structure, synergies and, consequently, cost reductions are realised, if more than one product is ordered.

  • Site visit [1/if required 2/3]
  • Description and Evaluation of the investigation area [1/2/3]
  • Analysis, evaluation and preparation of available data (operational data of adjacent wind farms, wind measurements) and existing long-term data [1/2/3]
  • In-depth analysis of the data basis and detailed description of the wind conditions [1]
  • Preparation and validation of a digital model of the investigation area and its surrounding by means of the wind data basis (matching of the  model simulation with the actual wind data) [1/2/3]
  • Calculations based on the software WAsP and WindPRO, or for major offshore culsters Windsim (CFD) [1/2/3]
  • Preparation of a wind resource map describing the energy density and the average wind speed at a defined height above ground [2/ if required 2/3]
  • Calculation and description of the wind conditions for a single turbine at a reference site and at the sites of the planned turbines (among others:  average wind speed, Weibull paramater) [1/2]
  • If requested: layout optimization and turbine type selection [1/2]
  • Calculation of the energy production for a single turbine at a reference site and at the sites of the planned turbines, if requested for different turbine types [1/2]
  • Calculation of the wind farm efficiency and (if necessary) the losses of existing plants due to the shading effects caused by the newly planned turbines [1/2]
  • Evaluation of the results: uncertainty analysis with calculation of the probability of exceedance P50-P90 [1/if required 2]

Preparation of reports [2/3] including a detailed description of applied methods [1]