Haydar Hussin

Haydar Hussin

Renewable Energy Consultant





Haydar started at Pondera Consult as a renewable energy consultant in 2016 and has more than 10 years of experience in the geospatial, earth and environmental sciences. He has previously worked in several European and international projects related to environmental and disaster risk management.

The emphasis of his work at Pondera Consult is on wind resource modelling and energy yield assessments for onshore and offshore wind farm projects. Haydar further has a strong international background in GIS and remote sensing which he applies in wind farm feasibility studies, risk analysis and environmental impact assessments (EIAs).

Education, training and previous employers

Haydar Hussin graduated from Utrecht University with a bachelor’s degree in Geosciences (physical geography). This was followed by a master’s degree in Applied Earth Sciences with distinction from the University of Twente where he modelled the risk of mudslides in the French Alps. He did his doctoral studies (PhD) at the University of Twente and the Italian National Research Institute for Hydro-Geological Protection (CNR IRPI) as part of two EU projects (CHANGES and IncREO). During this time he worked in Italy for three years to carry out risk assessments of flooding and mudslides in Northern Italy. Haydar has been employed as a technical consultant for Pondera Consult since November 2016.

Recent relevant projects

  • WRA Hollandse Kust (noord) wind farm zone (> 700MW)
  • Sumba Wind Farm (> 5MW)
  • Ferrum Wind Farm (9MW)
  • GE Haliade-X wind turbine (12 MW)

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