Highest court: wind farm Fryslân may be built

All the submitted objections against the permit applications or land-use planning for Wind Farm Fryslân were rejected. By this ruling The Council of State, the highest court in the Netherlands, has decided that the construction of Wind Farm Fryslân, in the Frisian part of the IJsselmeer at the height of Breezanddijk. Wind Farm Fryslân will consist of a cluster of 89 wind turbines, with a combined capacity of approximately 320 megawatts (MW). The the output of this wind farm equals the electricity consumption of 340.000 households. Construction will start in 2019. The expected start of operation is in 2021.

Pondera Consult has been involved from the earliest stage of development of the wind farm since 2008. After the preliminary feasibility studies, Pondera assisted during the drafting of the environmental impact assessment and took care of all the permit applications. Stakeholder engagement was a crucial part of Pondera’s role. Many stakeholders were involved such as official authorities but also inhabitants, nature, fishing sailing and tourism associations and others.

Pondera Consult congratulates the owners of Wind Farm Fryslân with their accomplishment.