• GE’s Haliade-X 12 MW to be installed in Rotterdam
      Agreement signed with Future Wind includes five years of testing and 15 years of service Installation of Haliade-X 12 MW will take place during summer 2019 GE Renewable Energy and Future Wind (a Joint Venture between Pondera Development and SIF Holding Netherlands) announced today that they have signed an agreement to install the first Haliade-X 12 MW wind turbine prototype in Maasvlakte-Rotterdam (NL) during summer 2019. The deal includes five read more»
    • LCoE of future Dutch offshore wind farms
      The Netherlands has the ambition to have multiple offshore windfarms operational by 2030 to fulfil climate agreements. The future wind farms will be constructed in sites located offshore of the North-Holland coast and north of the Wadden Isles. The ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy of the Netherlands recently gained insight into the Levelized Cost of Energy (LCoE) of different variants for the wind farm sites considered for read more»
    • Wind in Vietnam: Dutch Opportunities
      The opportunities for wind energy in Vietnam are looking very promising. Research by the World Bank estimates a total potential of 500 gigawatt, which is ten times Vietnam’s expected energy capacity in 2020. Areas with some of the best wind resources are located across the country’s long coastline or at sea. At the moment, Vietnam is mostly focused on onshore and nearshore wind energy. Eric Arends, partner at Pondera Consult, conducted a read more»
    • Ha Long BayPondera to attend Vietnam’s Offshore Roundtable
      During Vietnam’s Offshore Wind Roundtable on November 22nd, Eric Arends, director of Pondera Consult, will discuss the potential and outlook for the offshore wind industry in Vietnam and the potential for local and regional offshore companies and investors to participate in this future market. This event will bring together senior executives from the offshore wind industry in Asia. The wind energy potential in Vietnam is very high and read more»
    • Consortium will support by conducting WRA HKN
      A consortium consisting of Oldbaum Services, Pondera Consult, Whiffle and Deltares will support the Netherlands Enterprise Agency ( by conducting a Wind Resource Assessment (WRA) for Wind Farm Zone Hollandse Kust (noord) (HKN). The quartet was awarded the contract, among others due to extensive prior experience both in Dutch and European offshore wind projects. Uncertainty reduction The WRA – a desk study on the wind climate in the area read more»
    • Demand for wind measurement services quickly increasing
      The demand for wind measurement services is increasing due to the growth and maturing of the wind energy market. Accurate wind resource assessments help in determining the right locations for wind turbines. Extensive knowledge of the local wind climate allows for a more precise wind farm layout design which is reflected in the final energy production. Wind resource assessments are also demanded by investors and wind energy financiers. The read more»
    • Pondera organizes Wind energy conference in Bali Indonesia
      Pondera South East Asia will be organizing the WindDays in Indonesia on 7 and 8 October 2019.   “The Indonesians are ambitious with their renewable energy targets. We want to see if the experience from Europe and especially the Netherlands can help the Indonesians to build up their share of renewable energy. More specific we want to assess if we can assist the Indonesian government, state companies and private companies to develop wind read more»
    • Pondera starts in Indonesia
      Pioneering in Indonesia Just like other countries Indonesia is beginning its own energy transition. The government has recently announced serious ambitions for this purpose. The archipelago has many natural resources available. And one of those sources is wind energy. Since 2016 we explore opportunities for cooperation and that has led to the opening of an office in Jakarta recently. Below you will find an (English) interview with our director read more»
    • Highest court: wind farm Fryslân may be built
      All the submitted objections against the permit applications or land-use planning for Wind Farm Fryslân were rejected. By this ruling The Council of State, the highest court in the Netherlands, has decided that the construction of Wind Farm Fryslân, in the Frisian part of the IJsselmeer at the height of Breezanddijk. Wind Farm Fryslân will consist of a cluster of 89 wind turbines, with a combined capacity of approximately 320 megawatts (MW). The read more»
    • Dutch perspective on New York’s ambitions wind energy
      Last week Martijn ten Klooster (Pondera Consult) and Aaldert ten Veen (Stibbe) participated in the closed seminar organized by Sive, Paget & Riesel in New York, focusing on the ambitions of the state of New York regarding offshore wind energy. Governor Cuomo has set high ambitions. New York wants to have a 50% renewable energy supply by 2030. A significant share is to be supplied by 2.4 GW offshore wind farms, which means speed is of the read more»
    • Pondera Consult and Arcadis investigate ways to connect offshore wind farms to power grid
      Arcadis and Pondera were asked to conduct a strategical study on the best possible methods to transport energy from future large-scale offshore wind farms to the Dutch mainland. The wind farms expected to be developed up to 2030 and together with existing wind farms, are estimated to provide up to 40 percent of the Netherlands’s total power consumption (11.5 gigawatts). In the study, which was ordered by the Dutch government, we will explore read more»
    • Unexplored countries with high potential for wind energy
      A lot of information is available online on countries who have the most installed wind energy capacity and how these countries are increasing their capacity every year. Think of countries like China, the United States, Germany, India or Spain. Information on countries with the most installed wind energy capacity is publicly available, very numerous and does not really need mentioning. What is much more interesting is to find out which countries read more»
    • Plans wind farm De Veenwieken are irrevocable
      The Council of State declared the appeals against the zoning plan, integration plan and environmental permist for wind farm De Veenwieken, with 10 wind turbines south of Demensvaart, unfounded. This means that the plans have become irrevocable and the (preparation of the) construction can start. Pondera Consult wrote the EIA, the zoning plan, the integration plan and carried out technical studies. In addition, Pondera Consult supported the read more»
    • Administrative Jurisdiction Division approves WFSD Hollandse Kust (zuid)
      The Administrative Jurisdiction Division of the Council of State issued a positive judgement on the Wind Farm Site Desicions (WFSD) for sites I and II of the Hollandse Kust (zuid) wind energy area. In it’s judgement, the division regularly refers to the Environmental Impact Report (EIA), which was drawn up by Pondera Consult. IN particular, it concerns the visibility analysis, ecological effects and effects on the fishing sector. For the read more»
    • European wind sector growing but not yet matured
      The wind energy sector is now a mature sector. A first look at the exhibition floor of the WindEurope Conference & Exhibition 2017 seems to confirm this picture. With more than 8000 people and 300 stands, Amsterdam RAI is well stocked. However, the sector is not yet mature for the time being. Wind turbines are still growing, measuring systems more accurate and new solutions to existing problems are being developed and tested. A selection of read more»