Pondera organizes Wind energy conference in Bali Indonesia

Pondera South East Asia will be organizing the WindDays in Indonesia on 7 and 8 October 2019.


“The Indonesians are ambitious with their renewable energy targets. We want to see if the experience from Europe and especially the Netherlands can help the Indonesians to build up their share of renewable energy. More specific we want to assess if we can assist the Indonesian government, state companies and private companies to develop wind farms and hybrid solutions with wind, solar and energy storage,” says Ester Bierens, WindDays trade fair manager in Bali. “We are organising the WindDays together with the Dutch Wind Energy Association (NWEA) and its Indonesian sister organization IWEA (Indonesian Wind Energy Association).”

Indonesia, the largest economy in Southeast Asia, has an attractive demographics and strong demand for energy. With one large, recently opened wind farm in Sulawesi of 75 MW, Indonesia is just at the beginning towards a more sustainable future. The countries’potential for wind energy is high. It has been calculated to have a total potential for onshore wind energy of 9.3 GW. The Indonesian government is aiming for 1.8 GW of installed wind capacity by 2025.

Do you want to be a pioneer in this development? If yes, the WindDays South East Asia will provide an excellent opportunity to explore this market and to take the first steps. View the leaflet of the WindDays here or visit the website of the WindDays South East Asia.