Anneke Julianita joined Pondera Southeast Asia in July 2023. She has held various leadership roles in business development, partnership management, and product development. With two years of experience with AIESEC, a global youth NGO, she successfully generated and managed eight new projects based on SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) with prominent companies in Indonesia. As a Program Manager, she was involved in the GESID Project, a collaboration project of Danone Indonesia and AIESEC in Indonesia, to battle stunting in Indonesia.

Anneke’s strong will is evident in her unwavering commitment to everything she takes on. Her passion for contributing to drive the sustainability environment future of Indonesia made her decided to continue her career journey at Pondera.

Anneke’s multidisciplinary background makes her a flexible team member who can contribute effectively to different areas in the energy transition.


Education and previous employers

Anneke completed her bachelor degree in History at Diponegoro University in Semarang, Indonesia in 2022. During her bachelor study, she did her internship at BRIGHT Indonesia, a management consulting firm, as Marketing and Communication intern. She was employed at AIESEC with the National Board in Indonesia, where she gained experience in business and entrepreneurship, and increased her awareness towards sustainability. She also has experience as a Global Strategic Partnership Manager at AIESEC, where she worked on PR partnerships and program development.

Anneke’s goal for the years ahead is to pursue her higher education abroad with a special focus on sustainability and business.

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