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Our company is built on the strength of our employees; the Ponderians. They are our company’s energy sources and do what they do best: supporting the transition to a renewable energy system.
The name Pondera has its roots in Latin and means “to ponder or consider” or “to balance”. With every opportunity that comes along and every idea that emerges, we ask ourselves whether this is an opportunity for Pondera and whether it is consistent with what we believe in and what our people want to work on. If the answer is ‘yes’, we offer the space to develop those ideas and make them become reality. We do this because you believe in it, because it is in line with our philosophy and because we want to work on ideas and projects that give us energy.

What are we working towards?

Earth, wind, water and sun — these are abundant and renewable sources of energy. Fortunately, they are everywhere, and Pondera’s goal is to utilise them as much as possible to meet our energy needs. We advise policy makers, cooperatives and the business community in realising sustainable energy projects in the Netherlands and abroad. Whether it is a wind farm at sea or a small-scale solar energy project, we provide solutions based on our knowledge and experience.
The people who work at Pondera are full of energy. To make the sustainable projects of the future possible, we need creativity, courage and connection. Are you energetic and entrepreneurial? Are you curious whether you could make a contribution to our company? Explore our website, take a look at what we do and have achieved. If you see possibilities, come and talk to us, free of obligation and in confidence. Who knows where it will lead.

Everyone within Pondera is invited to our annual strategy day

During the strategy day we look back and we look ahead. We discuss the intended direction together so that we all know what we are working towards and why. There is also opportunity for input and reflection. During the last strategy day, we identified the most important Pondera values: pleasure, trust, solidarity and equality. These are the basis for our culture and we are committed to preserving them.


What can you expect?

Our party committee surprises us several times a year with fun group activities. We have a Christmas dinner, a summer BBQ and team outings. In addition, spontaneous outings are organised, whether active, social or fun. The annual winter trip also deserves a mention!

@home or in the office?

We value your personal life. For years, we have worked hybrid (at home, in the office or on-site), but we also find it essential to meet each other regularly. We have a fantastic modern office right next to Arnhem Central Station.


Watch our company video to get an even better impression of our work and our people.

Grow with Pondera’s ambition and experience how inspiring it is to work with like-minded people! Are you curious about what it means to be a Ponderian? Then get in touch with us. Together we will explore the possibilities.