On September 1st 2020, Pondera’s new branch office was launched in Seoul in Korea, one of the most targeted countries in renewable energy. The company will serve Korean clients as a consulting and investment company in the field of renewable energy with a focus on offshore wind energy projects. Pondera has provided the specialised European consulting service to Korean offshore wind market from 2015. The company already works on a number of offshore projects in South Korea and now plans to expand the service scope from consulting to developers and investors in the Korean market.

Hans Rijntalder, founder of Pondera said “After some years of incubation, Korea is speeding up its activities in renewable energy especially in Offshore Wind, one of our specialities. With the increasing amount of work it is only logical to open a local branch to serve our clients better. I am very proud that we succeeded to establish a position like this and look forward to further growth of renewables in Korea.”