Project management is simply about managing projects efficiently. Because there is a lot involved in realising a sustainable energy project (wind energy, solar energy, geothermal energy), managing projects in a smart way is important.

For sustainable energy projects, for example, contracts must be concluded with the landowner and/or co-initiators. Investigations must be carried out into various environmental effects and construction (technical) designs made. Coordination with various authorities, such as the municipality, the water authority or the province, is also necessary. The participation and communication process with the environment will be shaped. The latter is becoming increasingly important, especially under the new environmental law.

In order for this to run smoothly and to realise a project within time and budget, strict management is required. An experienced project manager, who knows what needs to be done and who speaks the language of the engineers, lawyers and civil servants, is very valuable and important. Pondera is happy to help you with your project management and can perform this project management role for you, in whole or for sub-topics. As a specialist in the field of sustainable energy, we know what to expect and what must take place to successfully realise a project.

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