Clean energy? Support civil initatives

The energy transition is inevitable, and many people want clean energy. However, local residents may be concerned if a wind turbine is placed in proximity of their homes. Noise and shadow flickering may cause stress and annoyance for some. Prof. Dr. Gundula Hübner researches the social acceptance of renewable energy sources. ‘Everyone experiences the energy…

Pondera innovates with off-grid hydrogen production at sea

Industry, energy companies and the government all want an energy mix including hydrogen. The plans are ambitious: 8 gigawatts of hydrogen must be produced in the Netherlands by 2030. But there is still a lot unclear about the production, trade and use of hydrogen. Egbert Jansen, Contracting Team Manager at Pondera is eager to get started. ‘We want to start our project for off-grid hydrogen production at sea as soon as possible, even though the hydrogen market is not yet fully developed. If everyone keeps waiting, nothing will happen’.