On 23rd November, 2020, the Noordoostpolder Municipality granted the final permit for the Noordermeerdijk solar park in the Noordoostpolder. Pondera and HVC worked together to submit the application for this permit.

The solar park covers approximately 50 hectares and has a potential installed capacity of approximately 100 megawatt peak. This solar park will be capable of annually producing approximately 90 gigawatt hours (or 90,000,000 kilowatt hours) of green energy. This yield is equivalent to the energy consumption of approximately 26,000 households. In the design of the solar park, a great deal of attention has been paid to careful integration into the polder landscape. In addition, approximately 9 hectares of extra green areas and nature will be created.

The formal permit application was completed in a brief period. In the summer of 2020, HVC received the precise preconditions from the municipality and immediately asked Pondera to work with them to prepare the application. In order to receive the permit in time for the SDE round this autumn, the permit application had to be drawn up in one and a half months. This is incredibly fast, especially for projects of this size. That is precisely why Pondera and HVC are very proud that this has been achieved.

This is the second environmental permit for a solar park that HVC and Pondera have applied for this year. Earlier this year, a permit was also applied for and granted for a solar park of approximately 45 megawatt peak near the Netherlands Aerospace Center in Marknesse.

An SDE++ subsidy will be applied for this autumn for both projects. If this is granted, preparations for the construction of both solar parks can start in 2021. Furthermore, at that stage HVC will provide more information about the possibilities for participation for the environment.

Example plan area – not final version