On 16th September, the Council of State issued its decision on the integration plan and permits for the Groen Wind Plan. As a result of the decision, the integration plan and the permits are irrevocable and the wind plan can be built. Pondera congratulates the initiators united in Windkoepel Groen on this result. This decision marks another important milestone on the road to the delivery of this project.

Groen Wind Plan is an initiative in South-East Flevoland. It consists of 90 wind turbines and is one of the largest wind farms in the Netherlands with a capacity of 300-400 MW. The wind farm is a collaboration between a large number of local initiators and energy company Pure Energie and allows for residents to participate in the area where the wind turbines will be constructed. As part of the project, dozens of existing wind turbines in the area will be removed.

Pondera has prepared the EIA and permit applications for the initiators.

The decision of the Council of State can be found here: https://www.raadvanstate.nl/@122484/201908358-1-r1/