In collaboration with CE Delft, BRO and Pondera will carry out the integrated effects analysis (IEA) for the Energy Main Structure Program (PEH) under the EIA / RIP framework agreement. The effect analysis was commissioned by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate and in collaboration with the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. With the planned introduction of the Environmental Act, structural visions will be replaced by programs. The PEH is such a program and will replace the Structural Vision for Energy Supply III (SEV III), the Structural Vision for Wind on Land (SWOL) and the Structural Vision for Pipelines (SB).

The aim of this challenging assignment is to provide sufficient time for the national energy main structure for 2030 and 2050 on the basis of an integrated effects analysis, taking into account other challenges and interests, within an international context. The Program provides clarity in short and long term policy choices and promotes energy system efficiency through greater integrality.

In this strategic study, there is a strong connection with parallel pathways such as the Regional Energy Strategies (RESs) and provincial system studies. By making use of existing and ongoing studies, the PEH brings together and coordinates various developments in a cohesive way. A participation process is also followed in order to achieve broad support.

For this assignment, CE Delft, BRO and Pondera will work closely together to complement and strengthen each other. CE Delft brings excellent knowledge of energy systems of the future and the costs and benefits of this. BRO adds in-depth knowledge of the Environmental Act, spatial planning and experience in participation processes. Pondera will use its extensive experience with the IEA and EIA system, energy development processes and electricity infrastructure. The knowledge and experience of CE Delft, BRO and Pondera forms a strong basis for the successful completion of this process in 2022 in collaboration with the various Ministries.