Commissioned by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, a consortium of companies under the name H2C3 (H2 Cavern Conglomerate Combination) is to investigate the potential of storing hydrogen in Dutch salt caverns. This project is part of the research question KEM-28 from the Knowledge Programme on Effects of Mining. KEM-28 is focused on the quantification of short and long term risks of hydrogen buffers.

The consortium consists of SmartTectonics GmbH, Brouard Consulting, MaP GmbH, GeoStructures Consultancy for Structural Geology and Geomechanics, and Pondera Geo Energy. The research focuses primarily on the assessment of the Dutch situation and the in-depth investigation of the effects of H2 storage on a micro and macro scale. Pondera is conducting the risk analysis using the knowledge and experience of the other consortium members.

This is Pondera’s first scientific project in the field of geo-energy; an important step in broadening our services to further accelerate the energy transition.