Pondera has been active in Vietnam for several years and is currently preparing a permanent stay with the setup of a local branch office. We consider Vietnam a very promising growth market, due to great resources for renewable energy, the country’s urgent need for electricity to power the ever-growing economy, and the Vietnamese government’s commitment to the Paris Climate Agreement.

Pondera has joined the podcast episode of the Asean Dutch Chamber Network (ADCN) to discuss Vietnam’s business potential. The ADCN consists of six Dutch Chambers of Commerce in Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam. It represents a diverse range of Dutch businesses in the region. The organisation has launched a podcast series in which they explore the business potential of the various countries. In the sixth episode, Vietnam is the central focal point.

Want to learn more about the business potential in Vietnam or listen to the story of Pondera in this exciting country? Click on the following link to check out this latest podcast: