Charlie Huang, Korean team member of the Branche office of Pondera in Seoul, is the director of the new company Pondera Risk Consult. Charlie has in-depth knowledge and experience in insurance and risk assessments. The growth of renewable energy projects in Korea is the reason to start this specialized company.

Korea is poised to begin construction of numerous offshore wind farms in the coming years to achieve its ambitious renewable energy targets. To address the need for an expert assessment of the risks involved and to create a path to appropriate insurance coverage for these risks, Charlie Huang will leverage Pondera’s offshore wind farm experience and his own broad expertise in insurances and risk assessments. As a basis to work from, the specialized consultancy Pondera Risk Consult LLC was recently established, which focuses on risk management and insurance for renewable energy projects.

Charlie: “It is very good to have an experienced risk management consultant available during the preparation and execution of projects. With the local presence of Pondera Risk Consult in Seoul, we connect Pondera’s international offshore wind expertise with the Korean and foreign project developers and owners. Working closely with a local advisor who knows the culture and language is extremely valuable for the project developers.”

Pondera risk Consult is operational since January 2022 and can be reached via

Pondera’s Charlie Huang, Egbert Jansen and Mark van Doorn visit Kepco KPS in South Korea