On 28 May 2021, the construction of Windplan Groen officially started. The first activities were the decommissioning of several existing wind turbines in the area and the construction of the high-voltage substation on the Olsterpad. All wind turbines are expected to be online in 2022.

Gerrit de Regt (on behalf of the wind farms), Mark Jurjus (Liander), Casper Huiberts (TenneT) and alderman Roelof Siepel (municipality of Dronten) at the official start of the work on the high-voltage substation on the Olsterweg.
Source: Windplan Groen

Windplan Groen is an initiative in the southeast of Flevoland, in the municipality of Dronten. It consists of 86 wind turbines. With a capacity of 300 to 400 MW, it is one of the largest onshore wind farms in the Netherlands. As part of the project, dozens of existing wind turbines in the area will be removed. Windplan Groen exists of eleven independent wind farms but is a close collaboration between many local initiators and energy company Pure Energie. The project offers opportunities for participation by residents in the area where the turbines will be built.

Eight of these wind farms share one 500 MW grid connection and have also jointly established a private grid (a Closed Distribution System, GDS). The GDS is connected to the national network via the Liander/TenneT substation. The other new wind farms connect to existing connections (substations) of the grid operators, such as those of the East Flevoland Wind Network (WOF).

Overview map of Windplan Groen
Source: Windplan Groen

Pondera wrote the Environmental Impact Report and prepared the permit applications for the developers of Windplan Groen. Pondera also performed energy yield calculations that are a key requirement for the application for the Renewable Energy Subsidy (SDE). In addition, Pondera carried out noise and shadow flicker studies. In the run-up to the construction work. During the construction of the wind farm, Pondera provides advice in the field of permit and compliance management.

Decommissioning of a wind turbine on the Olstertocht
Source: Ventolines