During the operational phase of a sustainable energy project (wind energy, solar energy and geothermal energy), the project must be managed. We distinguish between two aspects of management:

  1. physical wind turbines or solar panel installations;
  2. contracts pertaining to the installation.

Management of physical wind turbines and/or solar panel installations

In the physical management of the installations, also known as asset management, Pondera is an excellent partner if the owner wants to keep control. Pondera can act as an advisor to the owner and inspector of services provided by third parties. Pondera will periodically review the performance of the wind turbines for issues like malfunctions and advise the owner on actions to be taken. In this way, the owner remains fully informed of the performance of the wind turbines, and the owner remains in control. Pondera can assist with any questions the owner has.

Contract management strategy for sustainable energy

Pondera has a lot of experience in managing contracts and can support the owner in this. This may concern, for example, rights of superficies or maintenance, management or power purchase agreements. At Pondera, we organize tenders to choose the best partner for these agreements. For this reason, we can also properly interpret the content of the agreements.

Do you want to ensure that your project functions well during the exploitation phase? We are happy to have a conversation with you about this, without obligations, so that we can develop a (contract) management strategy together.

Contract Manager

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