As part of our services in the development of sustainable energy projects (wind energy, solar energy and geothermal energy), Pondera can map out the financial aspects of projects. We are referring to the so-called business case. The business case plays an important role in different phases during the development of the project.

Financial feasibility of wind or solar power projects

The importance of the business case already begins in the preliminary phase of planning a wind or solar farm. We determine the financial feasibility of the plan by constructing a preliminary business case. For this we use the outcomes and considerations that arise from the spatial feasibility study. The aim is to determine whether the project is considered financially feasible in the planning phase to continue the development process.

In addition to research into financial feasibility in the planning phase, Pondera also provides support in the business case for the SDE application (Dutch subsidy scheme) and also during contracting and financing. In addition, we offer the opportunity to conduct a second opinion or due diligence investigation regarding the financial feasibility of your project. Pondera can also offer a financial feasibility study as a separate service without a spatial feasibility study.

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