A permit or exemption is an official permission from the government to carry out a certain activity. Nearly all (wind) energy initiatives require multiple permits and/or exemptions. The permits required depend, among other things, on the location and the effects of the plan.

Pondera can advise you which permits are required and can apply for them. If multiple procedures are possible, we can advise you on which approach is the most appropriate for your project. We also take care of all necessary substantive investigations that are required for the permit applications. In addition, Pondera can help you plan the permit process (when to apply for which permit), keep an overview of the procedures to be followed and be the main contact with the various competent authorities.

Pondera has extensive practice-based legal knowledge in this area. Not only do we have experience with permits for the construction and operation of wind turbines and solar parks, but also permits for the construction of cables and roads, construction and operation of transformer stations, municipal, provincial or national road exits and the Nature Management Act.

Technical Consultant Renewable Energy

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