Suzanne Klerx has worked at Pondera since May 2023. She provides vital support to the branch offices in Indonesia, Vietnam and Korea, and a diversity of other international projects. In her role, she works closely together with Eric Arends, founder of Pondera and vice chairman of Pondera Group. Suzanne’s activities range from performing desk studies to drawing up quotas, Furthermore, she is part of the marketing and communications workgroup where she is responsible  for the input from Pondera’s branch offices.


In 2021, Suzanne completed her Bachelor of Business Administration at the Radboud University in Nijmegen. During her bachelor she studied at CEU San Pablo in Madrid, where she lived for six months. In addition to her bachelor, she did a part-time board year at AIESEC, where she was educated in sustainability and the importance of renewable energy. This period sparked her interest in the renewable energy sector.

Therefore, during her Master International Management at Tilburg University, Suzanne started working at Pondera. During her master study she took interest in marketing, finance, strategy and leadership, with special attention to sustainability and incorporating diversity.

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