Pondera continues to expand, and at the end of March, we welcomed five new colleagues: Mark, Desiree, Jeroen, Sergio and Richelle. Please allow us to introduce them to you.

Mark Rijntalder

Mark works as a sustainable energy consultant in the Technical Services Team. As a result of his graduate internships at both Pondera and Eneco, his interest in renewable energy has grown. He has been working for Pondera since last September and is involved in energy yield calculations and technical analyses for wind farms.

‘I really want to put my broad technical knowledge and interests into practice at Pondera by working on sustainable energy projects’, says Mark.

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Desiree van der Wal

As marketing & communications manager, Desiree is responsible for Pondera’s marketing and communications in the broadest sense of the word. She has an all-round experience in communication, is keen on collaboration and has a hands-on mentality.

‘Pondera’s sustainable ambitions really appeal to me. I welcome the challenge to further expand and strengthen our brand’, says Desiree.

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Jeroen de Veth

Within Pondera, Jeroen is a leader, consultant and developer in the field of system integration and flexibility solutions, including conversion to hydrogen and the implementation of various types of electrical energy storage. He has more than 20 years of professional experience in the renewable energy sector, of which more than ten years have been spent working as a self-employed consultant.

‘I get really excited at the thought of contributing to a broader development, which includes biogas, energy storage and hydrogen’, says Jeroen.

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Sergio Simanjuntak

Sergio has joined our Pondera Southeast Asia team in Jakarta. He has a broad experience in the renewable energy sector, and in his role of Business Developer, Sergio is looking forward to contributing to Indonesia’s energy transition and the development of renewable energy.

‘I believe Pondera has great opportunities in Southeast Asia. There is much work to be done in the energy transition, and I am excited to accept this challenge’, says Sergio.

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Richelle Roozenboom

Richelle is working for Pondera as a legal advisor. She  completed her Law degree and gained knowledge in diverse fields of work by working at various employers. Richelle has an affinity with contract law and her knowledge of and experience with various legal aspects allows Richelle to contribute to Pondera’s projects on a broad level.

‘The legal world can be a daunting puzzle, but I always persevere until I find a workable way to solve it’, says Richelle.

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