Under the Working Conditions Act, you as a client have the responsibility to create a healthy and safe working environment for the parties that realise your sustainable energy project (wind energy, solar energy and geothermal energy). This responsibility starts prior to the tender. This is the moment when you can let the contractors and suppliers know what needs to be arranged within the project with regard to health and safety for the personnel on site.

Pondera can prepare the HSE plan design phase for you. The goal of this HSE plan is to manage and reduce project-related HSE risks during each phase of the project. During the design phase, you, as the client, will draw up an HSE plan, and for the construction phase, the contractors will draw up their own HSE plans. The client thus ensures the mandatory coordination of activities if several parties are active in the implementation phase. After the work has been awarded, the information in the HSE plan of the design phase must be supplemented by the contractors and the WTG supplier into an HSE plan for the construction phase.

If desired, Pondera can also carry out HSE coordination during the execution of the work. This depends on the way in which HSE coordination is arranged contractually.

Renewable Energy Consultant

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