Erik Holtslag has more than 16 years of experience in the wind energy sector. He is an expert in wind climatology and energy yield analyses. This includes optimizing wind turbine placements based on yield calculations, which are supported by wind measurements. Erik’s main role at Pondera is to carry out technical due diligence studies and to define wind resource areas. In this role, he acts both as business developer and as technical expert. Erik has extensive experience as a consultant in onshore and offshore projects. He was involved as a consultant in many offshore wind studies in the Dutch North Sea, employing both model data analysis and floating LiDAR wind measurements. He has also managed countless feasibility reports and yield analyses for onshore wind projects. As a project manager, his main strength is his ability to clarify and explain technically complex issues to all stakeholders.


Education, training and previous employers

Erik Holtslag graduated in 2002 with a degree in Meteorology, specializing in Energy and Renewable Energy Resources at Wageningen University. After graduating, Erik worked at Ecofys Consultancy (Navigant Consulting) for 13 years, where he was the wind resource assessment team leader and later the Chief of Operations. While working at Ecofys, Erik was also employed for 3 years at WEOM (now Nuon/Vattenfall) as a principal consultant in wind resources.