Mark van Doorn joined the CBE team in May 2021, the team that is involved in the contracting, construction & operation of sustainable energy projects. Mark has been active in the wind industry since 2000 and has worked for various wind turbine manufacturers as a mechanical engineer, R&D project manager and as manager of the sales support department (Lagerwey/Enercon) for 7 years. We see his technical knowledge of wind turbines in combination with his commercial experience as a real added value for our CBE team.


Education and experience

As manager of the sales support department, Mark has worked as commercial and technical support for various Dutch, Belgian, Finnish and Russian wind farms. For the Enercon EP5 platform, Mark was responsible for the implementation of the various options on the wind turbines (including shadow flicker and ice detection systems) and he was also responsible for developing a cold climate version of this platform.