René Vreugdenhil is an experienced consultant in the field of environment and subsurface. He has built up a broad network in both business and government, with the emphasis on policy and soil advice in the broadest sense, including the deep subsurface. Since 2018, he has been involved in an initiative to set up a separate branch within Pondera for geothermal energy and underground storage. He is one of the co-founders of Pondera Geo Energy. Within Pondera Geo Energy he primarily focuses on risk management and he supports the process of tendering, contracting and contract management. His education and experience with mining activities help him to understand and interpret the deep subsurface. René is a high-calibre consultant with an optimistic solution-oriented approach and a realistic view regarding the realization of projects.


Education and employers

René Vreugdenhil graduated in 1988 with an engineering degree in Geology at the Technical University in Delft, Department of Mining and Petroleum extraction. After his studies, he joined IWACO in Boxtel, later Den Bosch. There he worked in successive roles as soil project manager, soil research coordinator Betuweroute and subsequently soil / environmental management consultant, where he was responsible for both content and business aspects. In 1998 he made the switch to Geofox-Lexmond. After working as a branch manager for a few years, he returned to an advisory role in 2002, where his heart ultimately is. In 2007, after a Management Buy Out, he became one of the partner owners of Geofox-Lexmond where “responsibility” took on a new meaning. He remained active in his favorite role, as a consultant with a clear substantive and commercial role. The advice he provided expanded over time from tender advice, contract and risk management to, more recently, advice on subsidence, geothermal energy and new contaminations. Since August 2016, he has been an independent advisor and owner of Vreugdenhil Environmental Expert, focusing on soil-wide related activities and advice.