Sergej is a senior consultant and a project leader for sustainable energy projects which he has been doing since 2005. He is also involved with Pondera Consult as a partner and was managing director until 2023. Sergej has extensive experience in developing projects in the fields of wind, solar and biomass. As a project leader for environmental impact assessments, Sergej is responsible for approximately 6 GW of wind power capacity in offshore lots, such as Borssele, Hollandse Kust (north, south and west) and to the north of the Wadden Islands. He has also been involved in almost all onshore government-owned wind projects, such as Wind Farm Wieringermeer, Wind Farm Zeewolde and Wind Farm Noordoostpolder. Alongside this, Sergej advises governments on the formation of sustainable energy policy and advises clients abroad on the development of wind at sea, such as in Ireland and Estonia.

Sergej is characterised by his ability to take responsibility. He has a strong focus on achieving results for his clients. His down-to-earth attitude and sense of humour are what help him to successfully complete projects.


Training and employers

Sergej graduated in Environmental Social Sciences at the University of Nijmegen in 2004. He started his career at Royal Haskoning as an environmental and external safety consultant. Sergej joined Pondera in 2008 almost immediately after the company was founded and became director, senior project leader, partner and also general manager. Since 2023, Sergej has been concentrating fully on his role as senior project manager again.