We are proud to welcome new colleagues to Pondera: Anja Schönnebeck, Timon Schellekens en Janno Heger have recently joined us. We are happy to introduce these brand new team members. 

Anja Schönnebeck 

After studying Geophysics, she got her PhD at the University of Twente on Large Eddy Simulations of wind farms. Anja loves to travel, is very athletic and is currently learning the Dutch language.  

“This is a wonderful new challenge for me and I want to meet all my new colleagues as fast as possible!”. 

Visit this page to learn more about Anja.

Timon Schellekens 

Timon started in March as a Renewable Energy Advisor with team Environment & Consenting. He finished his studies in medical chemistry, and found out during his internship that his heart was in renewable energy, which is why he chose this new challenge at Pondera. 

“I am incredibly looking forward to this adventure and I’m determined to make it a great time!” 

Visit this page to learn more about Timon. 

Janno Heger 

Janno also joined team Environment & Consenting in March, in the role of Sustainable Energy Advisor. After studying Meteorology, he worked for several years as a subsidy consultant, where he became enthusiastic about renewable energy in particular. So this position at Pondera was right up his alley.  

“I am eager to apply my knowledge at Pondera and look forward to future collaboration with all colleagues!”.  

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Renewable Energy Consultant

Renewable Energy Consultant

Renewable Energy Consultant